Friday, February 13, 2009

Garfield vs. Odie

It’s a battle that has been fought for centuries: Dogs vs. cats.

Everyone has a different opinion of which furry friend is the better pet. Who wins in your home? Is it the oh-so-dependable “man’s best friend,” or the cozy and clever cat?

A friend of mine owns a shih tzu named Peanut. Before Peanut was trained, she would often leave him in her room while she went to school and work. When she got home one day, the pup had gotten out of her room and into her mother’s wigs. My friend’s mother was not too pleased to find her head adornments covered in doggie drool.

MPT wants to know your funny pet stories. Leave us a comment and send us ( photos of your furry, four-legged pals!

Don’t miss the Nature series “Why We Love Cats & Dogs,” airing this Sunday at 7pm on MPT.

Renèe Gibson
Institutional Advancement Intern

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Anonymous said...

I've never been an animal lover or anything. However after viewing the video, it was so touching. I think that I may reconsider having a pet.
Nice article.