Friday, June 27, 2008

Dreams really do come true

I am a self-defined MPT addict, nerd and enthusiast. I grew up watching both MPT and PBS programming, and while most people my age (19) may have stopped watching when Arthur and Barney were no longer appealing, I hung in there.

I credit my love of documentaries and cooking to MPT. Through MPT's programming, I have learned how to survive in Alaska by myself (Alone in the Wilderness), how to prepare a six-course meal (Julia Child and Jacques Pepin) and what it was like to live on the American frontier in 1883 (Frontier House).

To me, MPT is irreplaceable because no other station has programming that covers such a wide variety of topics. As a person who has lived both with and without cable television, I always find myself going back to MPT to watch a show on something I may not even be initially interested in. I get sucked in! I can’t resist when Rhea Feikin is on location covering the HonFest or when NOVA is showing the Lost Treasures of Tibet. In most other cases, I probably wouldn’t watch a show on Fermat’s Last Theorem, but I find myself mesmerized and, if given the chance, watching it more than once!

I’ve caught myself on numerous occasions in class, rambling about how much I love MPT, and turning down opportunities to hang out with my friends to stay in and watch Rick Steves and his money belt travel around Europe…again. I’ve been such an enthusiastic viewer that my friend Denisse finally got fed up and yelled at me “If you like it so much why don’t you work there!” That was my light bulb moment: I was shocked that it had never occurred to me!

About eight months later and I AM working at MPT! I’m currently an intern working with a bunch of great people at my dream internship. I must admit that coming to work the first day was surreal. I was given the grand tour, and saw some of the sets that I have watched on television my entire life and met people that have helped create shows that I am obsessed with.

I recently worked an MPT pledge drive (for MPT’s intern pledge night), and I couldn’t have been more excited. I may be an “MPT nerd,” but I am proud to wholeheartedly support a television station that is committed to providing educational and interesting programming that is not dictated by advertising dollars. I still cannot believe that my viewership has come full circle, and am now working at the station I have loved my entire life!

My ultimate goal for this internship? To meet Rhea Feikin!

Update: Since writing this blog entry, Caitlin met Rhea. She still can’t believe it happened!

Caitlin Mullett
Institutional Advancement Intern
(and perhaps MPT's biggest fan. Ever.)

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