Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Facebook fanpage!

Are you a fan of MPT? Tell the virtual world and meet other fans on MPT's new Facebook fanpage! It features videos, discussion boards, the latest news and behind-the-scenes fun.

MPT's been on the popular social networking for a while now with an MPT group page (available only to those with Facebook accounts, which are now available to anyone who'd like to join!). But our Facebook fanpage is 100% public, so you can log on anytime to see what's new, whether you're on Facebook or not.

Just up this morning: behind-the-scenes, downright hilarious video of a few members of Ireland's famous Anuna horsing around our studios as MPT prepares to film their upcoming holiday spectacular. (And if you've ever wondered what a fire drill is like here, wonder no more! We've got a little of that for ya, too ;)

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