Monday, October 1, 2007

Local girl goes global

Who would have ever thought that this homebody from Highlandtown (who had never been any farther than Ocean City) would be able to say that she has been able to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, swim in the Red Sea, walk on the Great Wall of China and even ride on a camel in the desert to dine and dance with a Bedouin tribe? Sometimes I can’t believe it, and I know folks that have traveled with MPT feel the same way.

Our viewers watch so many interesting shows about interesting places on MPT, many of which they could only dream about visiting until we began our trips. It’s a delight for me to talk to our viewers as they anticipate the trips we offer. I love to watch their expressions as they experience the trips for themselves. When they return, they have not only seen the wonders of the world, they have made lasting friendships along the way. And MPT has played a vital role in making this happen.

MPT is currently planning another wonderful tour in 2008 to the European battlefields of World War II. For those who were there during WWII, it’s a chance to revisit some of the places of their youth; for their families, it’s a time to realize the sacrifices made by their parents and grandparents; and for educators and history buffs, it’s a time to touch the places they have only read about or seen on television. This is a trip for everyone regardless of age.

One thing I can’t stress enough to people when I talk with them is they should not wait for tomorrow to travel—they should do it now. There is so much of the world out there to see and experience. And MPT has done its part in making it affordable for them and as safe as possible. As a result, our travelers are guaranteed to capture a lifetime of memories.

Annette Lange
Mid Level and Affinity Clubs Administrator,
Major & Planned Giving

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