Friday, October 19, 2007

Dark Side of the Moon...

When I was 10 years old, I found a record jacket in my parents’ antique record cabinet. At the time, I didn’t know the name of the band, and I certainly was not familiar with their music—but I knew that the album cover was a work of art.

While my brother turned the record cabinet into a fortress for his G.I. Joes, I played with the album cover. That cover was everything from a decorative floor in Barbie’s house to a picture hanging on my bedroom wall. The album was Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, and it was released three years before I was born.

With the birth of MTV in the 1980s, my fickle adolescence surrendered to every trendy genre of the times: 80s pop, rap, hip-hop, heavy metal, alternative, grunge…but there was a lingering curiosity about a familiar album called Dark Side of the Moon and a band named Pink Floyd. My parents—whose taste and style I respect immensely—spoke about this band and would occasionally watch Pink Floyd concerts on Maryland Public Television. Every time they did, a passion for the band’s music was reignited in my father.

MPT recently aired Australian Pink Floyd: Live at the Royal Albert Hall and, of course, I called my father and told him. (I also told him about the Australian Pink Floyd show MPT is bringing to Baltimore’s Hippodrome Theatre November 4th.) That night—August 31, the eve of my wedding—I sat in my parents’ living room on the comfortable couch I had spent so many warm evenings talking, laughing and watching television with my family. My father said, “Listen to this…” and put Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon in the stereo.
As we listened there in the living room, I remembered playing with that album so many years ago, and thought about how the constant things in life bring great comfort. I am thankful that MPT showcases bands like Pink Floyd so that my parents and I can keep on listening…

Kristin Cook
Audience/Viewer Services Representative

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