Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanks, Thinkport

Because you are written and edited by education professionals, there was nothing I could not use when I needed help.

My dear, creative daughter was having trouble staying focused and organized in second grade. “No problem,” I thought. I’m an educated person and a whiz at research. I was clueless at first at helping my daughter get more organized in her schoolwork. I tried web sites and articles and was overwhelmed with information and links to scary places. Medications and expensive tutors were not going to be our first choice. The lists and raised voices were not helping either. Finally, I looked to MPT’s Thinkport.

Thinkport is a dream for teachers, and many use it frequently. But in addition to Maryland-based curriculum and virtual field trips and snazzy math games, there is a wealth of basic information on the educational site for families and caregivers. I found an article about helping kids manage their time. There were links to even more sensible, helpful information.

My daughter would still rather spend time organizing her rocks and shells instead of doing math homework, but we’ve found some strategies for her to take responsibility for her time and keep the peace.

For time-managing tactics for your little ones, check out

Susan Meoni
Assistant Attorney General

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