Monday, July 14, 2008

Way more than television

And so the paper writing began…

Flash back fifteen years to 1993. It was the height of the Barney craze, and Maryland Public Television was my personal go-to station for a “rocking good time.” At age seven, MPT was one of the few channels I could watch without restriction. Fits of laughter, bursts of singing, and even the occasional tear accompanied my years as a public television viewer. I was always exceedingly entertained.

My nostalgia for classic children’s programs, like “Sesame Street,” “Arthur,” “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood,” and of course, “Barney and Friends” fueled my desire to spend the summer working at MPT. I remembered the place MPT programs once held in my heart, and openly recognized that public television was no longer part of my life. Examining my own relationship with public TV put me on the path that ultimately resulted in this report.

And 57 pages later, I was finished.

As I typed the last period and prepared to submit the paper that would earn me a master’s degree, I realized all of the things my summer at MPT meant to me. This report about MPT, the thoughts of its people, its challenges, its successes, was an exercise that led to significant self-discovery. With each new MPT staff member I interviewed, I learned more about life, the media world and myself.

While I’m not sure I’ll ever come across a group as pleasant and helpful as the staff here at MPT, I will definitely try to find a similar work environment in the future. MPT reminded me of the importance of mentors and of surrounding myself with great people. I made a mental “note to self”: When you become successful, always take the time to help young people. Never act too busy or too important to give back. Always make a way. MPT staffers certainly made a way for me this summer.

So if I had to tell you one thing about MPT, the place that filled my childhood years with joy and the place that has given me great perspective on life as a young adult, I’d say it’s definitely WAY more than television. MPT is a place where a group of passionate people come together to share Maryland’s stories and help Maryland’s citizens. And if that’s not cool, I can’t imagine what is!

Thanks, MPT, for making this summer memorable :~)

Gretta Moody
Institutional Advancement Intern

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