Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Go Navy!

Go Navy! I want to shout this every day since I have a son who’s a Navy pilot. But after watching Carrier the past few nights, I feel even more strongly about it.

There have been so many times while watching Carrier this week that I’ve thought “I know how this feels,” or “Yes, this is familiar.” The series started Sunday night with Navy families dockside, tears flowing. I relate as I remember speaking to my daughter-in-law on the phone while still a newlywed as she sobbed about her husband leaving for an extended period of time.

I relate when I hear the young men and women talk about enlisting because the Navy will allow them to pursue their college hopes and dreams. My son enlisted in the Navy. Since then he has completed his college degree, become an officer and now is a pilot. This is due to much hard work, but the Navy rewards hard work. If you are willing to put in the effort, the opportunities are there.

I relate when I see the USS Nimitz entering port in Hawaii with the crew surrounding the deck standing at attention. I’ve witnessed this first-hand at the port in San Diego when the USS Squall returned from a six-month tour. It is truly a majestic sight to see all those young men and women in crisp white uniforms. The band plays on shore and being part of this event makes your heart swell with pride and patriotism.

I can relate when the USS Nimitz heads to the Middle East. Although my son is no longer aboard a ship, I’ve faced the fear that fills you when your child goes to a war zone and is flying above hostile territory. And like those aboard the USS Nimitz, whether you agree with a war or not, you support the effort because it is your family and your country that is doing all they can do to ensure our freedom.

This is compelling television: It’s honest, it’s real, it’s hopeful. It’s full of pride, and positivity. Five thousand men and women, a vast number between 18 and 21, working as a cohesive team is impressive. Our youth can be counted on to perform. It’s refreshing to see when we are constantly inundated with news that our young people have gone astray.

If you haven’t seen Carrier, you’re missing the boat! (Pun intended!) Aside from the personal dynamics, the photography is amazing and the music is edgy. PBS has done all of us a favor by offering this to viewers.

Sue Vanskiver
Senior Administrative Assistant


Annie said...

Wow, very inspiring story. So proud of all the men and women in the Navy that fight for our country. Especially Doug, we are so proud of him, he is a definite hero.
-------Annie & Matt-------

Anonymous said...

I'll be leaving for the Navy soon. And I'm only 19. I'm hopeful but after keeping tabs of the news I'm scared as well. Your son sounds like hes done well for himself. I now have been married for a year, have a home, and a lovely dog. I don't want to leave them. :-(