Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What, no internet?

Driving home from work Friday night, I noticed a telephone pole down across the street from my condo. It didn’t register much until I got home. Then, like a bolt of lighting, it hit me. The telephone service is out, which means no internet service for those of us still using dial-up. Yes, it’s true. I work in media and still use dial-up. Perhaps the impetus for change is getting closer now.

During the dark days of this particular weekend, I was without the internet. As an internet addict and Google junkie, this left me panic-stricken and trembling. Besides the four trips I took to Panera Bread to access the internet and a few “drive bys” at my sister’s house, I was woefully without internet access for three days.

But don’t fret, my friends. During the darkness I found slivers of light. Chores were accomplished, and I found time to tune into some cooking shows on MPT. In a previous post, I mentioned my love for Lidia Bastianich, host of the scrumptious PBS Italian cooking show Lidia’s Italy. I caught an episode of Lidia’s travels to a quaint Italian town known for its delectable coffee. The town was reminiscent of Venice, with welcoming outdoor cafés and romantic waterways.

On this particular episode, Lidia recreated the complicated coffee drinks at home. Coffee never looked so good and complex. Quite honestly, I’m a Dunkin Donuts girl; I like my coffee weak and fast. Lidia took her time preparing rich specialty drinks using several shiny contraptions in a sequence. Too complicated for me, but it was beautiful to watch. She makes it look effortless, but I know better.

Still without internet access, I treated myself to more, thinking that this could get pretty addictive. I also caught most of Julia Child: Lessons with Master Chefs. Surely you know Julia, the famous master chef with a love for rich French food. Butter and cream make frequent appearances in her dishes. What’s great about Julia is her interest in learning from other master chefs. She takes in something from each chef that accompanies her on the show and incorporates these tidbits into her own cooking. Julia is relaxed, yet classy and charming. She is elegant in speech, lively in attitude and comforting like a pair of fuzzy slippers on a cold day.

But it’s not all about the women and elegance. Listen up, guys, I saw a show that’s just for you, it involves three things you might be able to appreciate: meat, grilling and beer. If you tune into Barbeque University, hosted by Steven Raichlen, you will find a meat-lovers paradise. For the meat timid, like me, I had to squint a few times and look away from the screen, because this is the real deal. Whole sides of beef and enormous ribs are displayed like art and dangle in front of the camera for your viewing pleasure (or pain, as it may be). If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, surely beef is a man’s close companion. I have an appreciation for all food, even if it’s food I don’t eat. So for those carnivores, go for it, tune into Barbeque U. and get your grill on. This is the perfect show to get you ready for spring barbeques and claim your stake as grill king.

Eventually the phone line got fixed and I went back to Google, my pacifier and gateway to the world. But I realized a few things over the course of the weekend. Some I already knew.

1. I am addicted to Google (I already knew that.)
2. Raw meat and fish still freak me out (I knew that, too.)
3. I trust MPT to keep airing quality shows that expand my mind.

Perhaps next time I won’t wait until the phone lines are down to sit and take in a few good shows. Perhaps it’s also time to throw in the towel and get broadband.

Leslie Adler
Marketing Manager, Education Projects

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Great blog - we are all addicted to it. Which is better than Google I suspect.