Thursday, December 6, 2007

Blue Men, Bert and Ernie?

Now that the WGA writers strike is in full swing, I’m forced to watch TV on DVD whenever I want a helping of some of my favorite TV shows, like the doctor-comedy Scrubs. I had on the previous season of Scrubs while studying for a test last week, and would look up from time to time. At one point, I noticed a rather comedic scene where the main character JD was running away from a group of men, goes through a door in an alley and lands on stage at a Blue Man Group concert. The Blue Men spray JD with blue paint from one of their crazy inventions and then coat him in pink glitter. Naturally, (and to the amusement of the audience at the Blue Man Group show), police officers escort him off stage. (Check out the clip below. It'll have you in stitches.)

When I came in this Tuesday, my first task was to update our myspace page. I read through MPT's December program guide, and tried to find the most interesting shows to display on our page. Low and behold, we have a Blue Man Group special coming up on December 9 at 7:30 p.m. This got me thinking about how popular comedies on other stations often make references to PBS characters or programs.

There’s a famous scene from FOX’s Family Guy where Bert and Ernie have a controversial verbal exchange in one of Peter’s flashbacks. Peter, if you don’t know, is the brazen, yet lethargic main character of the animated comedy. For a brief moment during that scene, viewers may think about favorite PBS childhood characters they hadn’t thought about in years.

Who knows, this free publicity could be great for PBS, especially as the strike continues. People are going to start craving new programming. Maybe they’ll tune in to get a dose of Blue Men, Bert and Ernie?

Melissa Dockman
Communications Intern

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