Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ticket to ride

In the evenings after work I tend to numb my mind with reality shows and a quick stint on the couch. The other night I was furiously flipping through channels when I landed on MPT.

I know what you’re thinking: this red-headed blogger always tunes into MPT, she has to, it’s her job. Ahhhh, my friends, not the case. I tend to tune into MPT mostly on Saturdays to catch the cooking shows because I’m a “foodie.” (I’m too cheap to buy cable. If I did have it, I’d do nothing but watch the Food Network for weeks on end. A girl can dream!)

So after a busy day at work, I was pretty frazzled and just couldn’t seem to chill out. When I clicked onto MPT, we were airing a show about remote lodges and outdoor excursions across the county (it could have been NOVA or Nature, I’m not quite sure). All the sudden, I was riding along with dog sleds and taking sunset camel rides. I quickly became entranced. It usually takes me hours to unwind, (and once I do, I get wound up about something new) so being entranced was a good thing.

About a half hour into the show, I realized that was the first time I had truly relaxed in weeks. Somehow, the sights and sounds, scenery and serenity in this show seeped into the couch with me. Nothing about me screams “adventure girl,”or “let’s go camping.” (Those types of excursions actually seem more like punishment to me!) So when I felt myself really relaxing and taking journeys to faraway places, I basked in the knowledge that MPT was my free ticket to a different place. I didn’t have to hop on a plane or do yoga to get away; I was already there. Who knew that MPT (and my couch!) could be an escape from the everyday hubbub.

Leslie Adler
Marketing Manager, Education Projects


Don said...

Excellent blog. Definitely got me to tune into the program for a little vacation on my couch.

Twister said...

Thanks, we all need a little vacation from time to time.

NEMESIS said...

Hei there!I was looking for a sunset with camels for an article in my blog, and i found this beautifull article of yours! It really made me feel real nostalgic...Maybe it's my mood today...I dont know...Anyway nice to meet you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Nemesis
It's nice to get feedback and I am delighted you enjoyed the article. It is always fun to write about things you love.