Monday, August 27, 2007

Every week should be The First Week

Today was my kids’ first day back to school. My oldest was anxious about starting at a new school, and the youngest was having “sympathy pains.” I reminded them both that everyone’s sleepless on The Night Before, and even the teachers are a little nervous. I also reminded them that everyone’s a lot more forgiving during The First Week, because EVERYONE is still figuring stuff out. So don’t worry if you’re late to class, forget your pencil, in the wrong room, etc. Everyone is gentle with each other, so just relax. During The First Week, everyone is easy.

What a concept—cutting people a break because we all know we’re in the same boat together.

Speaking of which, check out MPT’s Campaign for Love & Forgiveness. It’s all about how we’re in the same boat together in life.

No, really.

Imagine what our world would be like with more love and forgiveness in our lives. Just think what our daily commutes, news headlines, family interactions and everyday activities would be like. We can all be more loving and forgiving with each other—just like during The First Week. Every week should be The First Week.

Watch some of the upcoming documentaries that highlight incredible stories of forgiveness, and participate in our public events to plan those seeds of forgiveness in your community. See and hear more stories of forgiveness gathered by other PBS stations that are part of this national campaign.

So relax. And cut each other a break more often. Remember: it’s The First Week.

Faith Michel
Director of Community Outreach Initiatives


Anonymous said...

Hey, when is he documentary on forgiveness going to air? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

The producers of The Power of Forgiveness are hoping for a winter 08 broadcast.

Another related documentary, Prayer in America, airs on MPT 11/26 at 9 PM.