Monday, September 10, 2007

Alicia & Elmo

So, I was working at my computer while my daughter was watching TV in the same room. I was absorbed in whatever I was working on, until she says, “Mommy, Alicia Keys is singing with Elmo!” Now, I know that Sesame Street usually books really cool guests for really clever appearances, but THIS I have to see. I turn around, and there she is: my girl Alicia at the piano with Elmo doing a revamped rendition of “Fallin’.” For about three minutes, we were completely glued to the screen: me and my 8-year-old hooked on Sesame Street, and both “too old” for Elmo. It was the coolest thing ever.

Everything stopped in the room because of something on MPT. Go figure.

Faith Michel
Director of Community Outreach


Rowena said...

Yay! Bonding over The Street.

Anonymous said...

You and your daughter may enjoy the Sesame Street Podcasts. You can sign up from here

Faith said...

What a great idea to podcast The Street! And for those that don't have video iPods, you can check out more friends of Elmo (FOE) on Sesame Street at 9:30 AM weekday mornings on MPT. Sometimes that's the only way I can keep track of current musicians & other artists. Yes, that's how I was introduced to Chris Brown... I love the new "Word on the Street" segments!